PurpleShop is one of the top online shopping stores in Nigeria, where you can buy all your quality Samsung phones. Samsung is dedicated to obeying local laws and regulations. Also, creating a strict global code of conduct for all employees. Their brands believe to respond to quick changes in the global business environment, they must adhere to ethical management. Hereby serving as a channel for building trust with its diverse stakeholders including customers, shareholders, and local communities e.t.c.

They believe in training their employees and operating monitoring systems. Also applying fair and transparent corporate management.

Their brand has a business value. Hence committing its talent and technology to create top quality products and services that contribute to a better global society. Also, to obtain this, the brand sets a big value on its people and technologies.

They believe in strong values which is vital to good business. And that’s one of the brand’s core values, along with a strict code of conduct. They believe that their strong values, excellence, and quality in their products are what distinguishes them from their competitor.

As a world-leading company, in 2005, Samsung Electronics established the Five Samsung Business Principles. And the principles are in agreement with legal and ethical standards. Which also serves as its corporate social duty.

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