Buy your Azzaro perfumes for men and women online at PurpleShop. The Azzaro brand was developed in the image of Loris Azzaro, the company’s creator. The designer immediately earned a name in the late 1960s. More with his beautiful and sexual clothes, as a Tunisian-born Sicilian who personified the essence of Mediterranean luxury.

In 1975, the company introduced Azzaro for Women, then quickly followed by the modern classic Azzaro pour Homme and debuted in 1978.

The brand has embodied a sleek and jet-setting lifestyle synonymous with modern luxury since its beginnings. And continues to do so under current artistic director Vanessa Seward.

The brand is a well-known fashion house that has been around for nearly six decades, and its men’s colognes are among the most sought-after scents. They have perfume for men, women, and lastly children.

Life, according to Azzaro, is a humming playground, an everlasting summer, and an unending brightness. Those who dare own the world, and we all have the ability to live each moment more fully. And to make every day an amazing experience, you must crave the unattainable, create surprise and become who you truly are. Above all, you must come to the light and have a better life.

The Azzaro creates its scents in partnership with the most skilled creators in a never-ending search for new emotions. The brand strengthens the main olfactory families by overseeing the quality of the trails, their tenacity, and their exquisite raw components, always true to the skills of a perfumer for men and for women. The end result: one-of-a-kind, enticing scents.

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