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The author, who is an expert in the subject herself, presents to readers an extensive revision of many chapters and sections which avails to elucidate all the pertinent and consequential data. The new edition of the book also contains the comments of the reviewers, students and colleagues, which are quite auxiliary in enabling readers to gain a better understanding of the subject. Additionally included is a plethora of exercises to better concept pellucidity in readers.

To make it more facile for readers to go through the wealth of information given in this text, the author has divided it into three components. Part 1 of the read fixates on the correlation theory and physically contacts upon topics like scope and division of econometrics, methodology of econometric research, simple linear regression model and statistical tests of paramountcy of the estimates. Part 2 of the book deals with econometric quandaries and contains topics such as zero mean, posit of arbitrariness, dummy variables, lagged variables and grouped data. The third part of the text is on models of simultaneous relationships and covers simultaneous equation models, maximum likelihood methods, Monte Carlo studies and cull econometric studies.

What makes this book utilizable is the fact that it has been presented in a manner which makes it opportune for anyone with adequate cognizance of only college algebra and initiatory statistics.

Theory of Econometrics was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2001. This 2nd edition is available as a paperback.


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