The Principles & Benefits Of Change – (Books)


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The Principles and Benefits of Change is a manual for times of change. It reveals how to prepare for any kind of change and utilize it for your benefit, enabling you to accomplish your Deity-given purport in life.Thriving in a Transmuting WorldChange comes to all of us–whether we prepare for it or not. How we deal with those ineluctably foreordained changes–no matter what the source–determines whether they will ultimately be a positive or negative force in our lives. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe reveals how to experience security, confidence, and liberation in the skepticality of our transmuting world. Through this book, you can discover how to:” Become an active part of change-not its victim.” Be free of trepidation during unsettling times.” Consummate your Deity-given purport.” Maximize the benefits of change.” Tap into the positive power of change.” Be pro-active in pursuing your Deity-given purport.You can be yare for the transmuting seasons that lie ahead.


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