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Shoes for children, Whether formally dressed or in casuals, style should never be compromised. Each piece is detailed, giving you great comfort without compromising style. They are made to suit urban trends such as:- street wears which are in line with urban culture, sport wears, casuals and the entertainment industry, giving every value for money.

Shop the most extensive online range of first-rate children shoes at the best prices.

Looking for cool and affordable fashionable shoes for children? From brands that truly define class and style? Purple Shop is your one stop as we’ve got you totally covered, in an array of fabulous collections from the coolest brands, and at the best prices in Nigeria. So enjoy secure and convenient online shopping experience like you never experienced, and straight delivery to your doorsteps.

Our attention to detail and quality of our products put us at the very top of the fashion scene. Look classy and be adorned from Purpleshop.

However, the materials used  to make them are from high quality which are manufactured and carefully paid to durability and comfortability. Therefore, dress to impress, the classic look is sharp enough to get everyone admiring your great sense of style and poise. Also innovative and fashionable design to look and feel good all day long. Consequently, update your wardrobe with classy yet trending shoes from Purpleshop be the centre of attraction. Made of the best quality material.


Our latest collection is specially designed to give you that rare ecstatic and charming look that distinguish you from the crowd. Gracing any occasion on these shoes would definitely keep eyes on you. It is simple, classy, durable, unique and comfortable footwear. It offer you various styling for formal and casual outing.

The detailed material is very durable and comes with styles that is idea for all class of women who want to show off their unique fashion sense. Our shoes provides you with assortment of fashion collections that will stand you out of the crowd. You need no second thought to give it a trial. In like manner, express your style with adorable fashion pieces from our store, that lets you rock any occasion looking vogue. Never let the crowd dictate your style, stay woke, look vogue.

These are part of our new line of increased comfort footwear for everyday use. We make care to show a variety of styles with various features such as low or flat slides, mid-heels, mid-low heels, and high heels in various shapes and forms. Some of our shoes can be made more comfortable by adding extra padding, softer linings, and making them more flexible.

Beautiful shoes with excellent craftsmanship. It is cozy and well-designed. Not only but also, it is genuine, with shine and elegance.