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Nokia is a brand whose trust many have gained over the years. The brand started out as one of the most popular brands of mobile phones. Was loved by all because of their durable and long-lasting models. Over the years, Nokia keeps producing more phone models that are more fanciful and pretty affordable. They do not compromise on the quality that the nokia brand is known for.

Also These android phones are the definition of style, simplicity and function. These phones have a wide range of functions that make users fall in love with the phones. However, Nokia android phones are inbuilt with a sense of diversity of essence which means that anybody anywhere can use them without problems.

Furthermore, These phones are also long-lasting. They aren’t prone to damage easily and can be used for years. They also have batteries which last for long which make them quite different from some other smartphones. This brand of phones have an excellent outward feel and trust us. They have themes that you would absolutely love. Wondering where to buy nokia android phones online in Nigeria? Shop online now on Purpleshop.

So, Buy the latest android phones on Purpleshop. We have the latest android phones with the perfect features and quality for you from top brands.

The Nokia 5 has the specs of every phone lover.


It has a smooth and sleek body that makes it easy to for you to carry around in your hand. It also has a fingerprint feature that guarantees your phone security. It has a rear camera of 13MP and a front camera of 8MP. It has a large memory size for your files, images, pictures and music. And it is also designed with a long-lasting battery life. Order now for the best mobile experience ever.