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PurpleShop brings to you Fragrance Perfume The Ferrari Cedar Essence smells like an eternal summer in a bottle. Sultry and extremely powerful, this supremely floral fragrance is a dandy man personified. Inspired by the remote Paradise Islands, Soleil Blanc is part of Ferrari’s exquisite private collection and pretty much sums up everything his powerhouse brand is all about: absolute luxury and decadence. Two press sprays does the trick otherwise you might suffer the dregs of a long headache.

The Ferrari Cedar has an extremely long lasting and very distinctive scent guaranteed to get you compliments. Even while at the Office, types ready to spice up their routine with a summery number. it has a strong smell rating.

However, Ferrari Cedar Essence is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. Cedar Essence was first introduced in 2014. Orange, mint, and lime are in the top notes; cedar needles, sea notes, and watermelon are in the middle notes; and cedar, patchouli, coffee, and crystal amber are in the base notes.

Ferrari Cedar Essence is a fruity-aromatic smell that focuses on cedar and has a fresh and summery blend of components. It starts with a hint of sweetness, combining orange, lime, and mint for a light and refreshing taste.

Blue sea notes, luscious watermelon, and cedar needles make up the body, which is oceanic and ozonic. At the conclusion, a stronger scent of woody cedar emerges, coupled with earthy patchouli, coffee, and crystal amber.

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