Male Fabrics

Male Fabrics

PurpleShop brings to you Male Fabrics, This is an eye catching fabric with tremendous design, it’s a must have for all classy ladies with its distinct colour and detailed design it stands out from any ordinary fabric.

Step out in this unique design and high lace fabric made with well detailed colour combinations and designs. A true definition of class and it’s sold in 5 yards. Try out this exceptional fabric, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Elegantly designed to get you that head turning gaze that you’ve always wanted at all occasions. Crafted from carefully selected cotton and finished brilliantly.  In Addition, This is much more than a fabric it is a lifestyle and it is genuine Fabric which preserves it’s initial colour and texture even after Numerous Washes.

Our Fabrics are suitable for both Men and Women which features lovely designs and great texture that can be sewn into any style of your preference,

it is comfortable and feels good on the skin. Buy your high quality Fabric at an affordable price for yourself, relatives, friends, colleagues and bosses and it can be used for ASO-EBI. Order for yours at PurpleShop and dress like the Queen and King that you are.

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